Twisted Victory



thDF2J84KHSick and twisted is what I have become-

Beyond the hurt and after the numb.

You are a dream I no longer chase.

You are the demon with an angel’s face.


Tethered to no one, yet belonging to you.

I am on fire, so enjoy this view.

You created this madness and you lit the flame.

I embrace the psychosis and deny my pain.


Conflicted and confused no longer apply.

Focused and determined is what I cry.

My destiny is clear and my brain is washed out.

The tears have cleansed this foggy cloud.


Forever young and in control-

Confusing the masses is only part of my goal.

This journey into the deepest depths

Where promises are not broken and secrets are kept.


I speak in riddles and talk in rhymes,

I dare not say what I have in mind.

No matter the outcome, no matter the way,

The fire within burns still today.


You lit this  fire and I fan the flame.

I’m eternally grateful that you played your games.

You are the lesson and  you are the muse.

You hold the key and it is me that I choose!


You haven’t a clue and neither do they

Of what I am thinking or this new game I play.

I have my agenda with tears in my eyes-

Burning my soul and going for the prize!


I know what I want, I will have what I seek .

No more will these tears stain or burn  my cheek.

The hurt and the anger have given way to a mess –

A rebirth through the fire, becoming my best.


Chasing the dream is not what I do;

The dream will chase me. I am no fool.

The lesson is theirs.  This will teach them to doubt-

The hottest of flames and the shrillest of shouts


Twisted and sick – full of shocking thrills-

Leaving them breathless and climbing the hills!

The volcano erupts, the lava does run;

The clouds rush in to hide the sun.


The rain falls hard and the thunder claps;

The waves crash and lightning will flash!

The flowers will bloom in the spring in due time.

They have no idea of what goes through my mind



My muse, my lesson, my demon so sweet!

You are secure in my heart within every beat!


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