And yet another acutal blog post…



I mostly  post poetry, but beginning next week I am going to make myself write at least one paragraph or non-poetry blog post. Sometimes it may be longer than a paragraph, but I would like some actual feedback from time to time. Comments are greatly appreciated.

I am hoping this will keep me fresh and to inspire some new ideas. If I try this once a week or daily I am not sure of yet, but this will keep me more active and to help me cope with all the stresses going on. I hope you will enjoy what I write. I also may begin to share some short stories as well as glimpses of other writing projects.

I must warn you, some of these may just seem like rants or ramblings of nothing. There may even be things that are not even “authorworthy” . (I ‘ve penned a new word!). But I figure if I can get my ideas out then maybe I will become a better author.

Thank you all . I hope to hear from you in comments soon.


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