Thank You




Thank you for the pleasure and thank you for the pain.

I am going my way and you  have done the same.

Until we meet again someday (and I know that we will).

I wish you peace and joy and that your glass will overfill.


I love you for the pleasure and I hate you for the pain.

The missing you is killing me, though through it all I have gained

Perspective and direction to heal this damaged soul.

But, through this lengthy journey, I have learned to brave the cold.


You picked up the pieces he left scattered upon the floor.

You began to sew them back together before you slammed the door.

We are not quite done, although it seemed to be the end.

You started something I will finish and for you I am thankful, my friend.


So, I raise this glass to us and the lesson you have taught.

I drink to what the future holds and the battles we have fought.

You are full of potential and still have much to see.

But, I am wasting no more time or my precious energy.



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