Ride or Die



He was her heart, her soul , and her friend.

She did not expect how abruptly it would end.

She was his rock, his love , his ride or die.

Now she feels empty and just wants to cry.


She never thought of how the ride would end.

She was the one on which he could always depend.

Throughout the years there were ups and downs.

There were smiles, and tears, laughter and frowns.


No matter what happened day after day

She held it down, if he went away

Their connection was solid as everyone could see

No matter how feisty or crazy they chose to be.


These two were unique, a strange pair for sure!

Not all love stories are quite simple and pure.

There was screaming and fighting, and laughter and peace.

There were hopes and dreams, and enemies and the police.


There were days of missing him and days of loving her.

There were times of meaningful kisses and some days that were just a blur.

There was family time together with plenty of joy and care.

She gave him three precious gifts whose love they both did share.


She seems lost and lonely without him by  her side.

She shows strength to her children, yet feels so empty inside.

They will miss him and mourn him and love him for life

These three precious angels and his strong- willed crazy wife!


His brothers all loved him and mourn his leaving so soon.

They will comfort and protect her and his children too!

Her sisters are with her and they all have her back.

To give her support and to take up her slack.


They will guide her and comfort her, keeping her close.

Lending a hand when she is needing it most.

Loyal, loving, and dangerously insane-

Her friends are her family and they play no games.


She says goodbye with tears in her eyes.

She is looking for strength so she can survive.

She need look no further than right by her side

His children and his brothers will be her ride or die!












2 thoughts on “Ride or Die

    • This is dedicated to a woman, and a family who really needs strength, comfort, and support. Someone who is truly loyal and is an awesome person. Thank you for that awesome comment.


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