This is Just Me



I don’t like drama

And I don’t like bullshit.

I’m loyal and honest

And shoot straight from the hip.

Some call me naive.

Some call me simplistic.

But I just think

It’s called being realistic.girl

I am not fake .

I do not spout lies.

I am true to myself

Till the day that I die.

I am full of hope

And positivity.

But all these emotions

Are getting to me.

I may turn cold and bitter.

But, that’s not what I want.

I long for warmth and security.

But, so far, it’s not what I’ve got.

I do my thing

Because it feels right.

And I am tired of pushing

But not winning this fight.

So, now I dig my claws in

And reach a little deeper

And when I reach the top,

You’ll know I was always a keeper.


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