Rapping on a Friday




Here I am on this ball

of water and air

Just kinda floating around there

tripping and flipping

and putting it down

spinning around

I flow with the words and

Jam with the rhymes

having both the good

and the bad times.

Wondering if

we are alone in it all

As I live upon this



life-filled ball.

I am not packing any heat

or thugging in the hood

Just jamming to my tunes

and loving my peeps

and flowing with the words

being mostly misunderstood

Learning how it all goes

As the rhymes appear

and the rhythm flows

Sitting at my desk

or driving in my car

Wishing upon those stars

and praying to the heavens so far.

Working, or grinding as they say

Day after day

to get my own piece of Earth

Sometimes just amazed

At the way it all plays out

crying and laughing

or an occasional shout

Still wanting to know

what this is all about.

I bounce and dance

and clean and write

Keeping that prize in sight

I will succeed and I will ponder.

I will travel and I will wonder.

I  just want to be and

to enjoy the music

as it plays

Up at night

rocking  my days

Here I am on this ball of air and water

Getting farther and farther

Down the line and I

Spit out my rhymes

Till the day that I die

and I –

I too, become part of her wonder

Sharing the melodies

Caught in my head

Hoping and praying

i don’t wake up dead

Laughing at humor,

Crying at death,

Hurting and loving

And enjoying my breath.

Living , enjoying, and struggling each day

But first and foremost-

I don’t forget to pray.




3 thoughts on “Rapping on a Friday

  1. I love this piece and the way it flows, it has a nice ending to it. I just really like, “Living, enjoying, and struggling each day But first and foremost-I don’t forget to pray.” It’s just very relatable and stands out to me.

    Liked by 1 person

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