You began to peek beneath the surface

You cannot  fathom the fire within my furnace

I am all alone in my Solitude

You  cannot handle my magnitude

You cannot comprehend

You didn’t try to understand

You are ignorant in your bliss

But, you felt it in my kiss

It scared you away

But you dared to play

It pulled you in and you were amazed

It warmed our nights and brightened our days.

I still long for you to be near

But you ran away, sweating with fear

You were not ready to take in this love

What could I have been thinking of?

I long for our nights and for your touch

I just hate missing you this much.


Entangled in intimacy and wrapped in desire

We embraced the heat and danced in the fire

The passion we shared was truly intense

The love we shared didn’t make sense

Two different souls collided by chance

Creating a melody to which we danced

‘Round and round the carousel spins

We denied the truth and committed our sins

I fell too hard and regained my youth

But you were not ready to handle the truth

Now we have parted and I miss you so

I had no choice but to let you go

Etched within my soul, forever you will be

I pray that one day again I can see

The flames of our desire

And dance happily inside that fire.

I thank you for the lesson that you did teach

And that you will hear this sermon I did preach

Until that day, I will pray and I will hope

Living in Solitude as I try to cope.







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