Behind this steering wheel I feel amazing.

I am in control as the music is blazing.

The trees and homes are a blur as I increase my speed.

I travel these roads as if I have been freed!


I was trapped and restrained in the passenger seat.

But, now I choose the destination and the street

I travel, taking my time or whizzing along

Jamming to my song.


I fill my tank with gas and plan my route.

I put on my shades and begin to shout

Along to the radio and feel so free!

Nobody is riding here with me.


This freedom and exhilaration soon end.

Up ahead I see the bend.

The road begins to Curve!

I turn the wheel and begin to swerve…


I wanted to be in the driver’s seat

But, I think ths is a very dangerous feat.

This freedom is not so free.

Yet, these obstacles are strengthening me.


I  have become an expert at applying the brakes.

I am doing whatever it takes.

I turn to the left and again to the right.

I am  accelearating with all my might!


I drive this vessel with all that I am .

Cruising these lanes, not giving a damn;

Not letting the fear become my master’

I just shift and begin to go faster!


I don’t  glance to see what is behind,

That is a gone and different time.

I am on the right course and heading the right way,

I just keep my eyes on the road and pray!




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