The Battle


photo (1)

If you know then you will know.

You just can’t imagine what is going on inside another.

One day seems grand and full of promise

and the next, without warning,

like the sirens announcing a tornado,

it is ripped from you-



You just never know.

It seems all shiny and new

and glowing on the outside.

It is not screaming for assistance

and announcing its presence.

Yet, it is there and wants to be heard.

It makes you feel betrayed

and angered.

 It makes you wonder about everything you ever saw

or experienced.

It makes you think your eyes are deceivers

and your heart is nothing more

than an evil force designed to make you the demon.

And you are the demon.

From the inside out.

Turned around

and going in circles like the steeds from your childhood-

dancing up and down to creepy music

and evoking fear.

It makes you feel


Left to fend for yourself

no matter how many people swear they are here to help,

they can’t.

Because you don’t trust them

and because, truthfully,

they can’t.

You are all alone in this

because the demons and evil-doers are not material monsters

you can battle face to face with physical force.

Depression is a bitch

and she is the queen of all demons

and only you can conquer her.


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