Giving Props to the Prompt



Why I use the Prompt

Keeping the Writer in me Alive!

I have long wanted to be a writer. I was a poet at a young age and an avid reader for as long as I can remember. Thank God for life and writing prompts!

As usually happens, somewhere along the way,life got in my way. Perhaps it wasn’t life but it was just me blocking myself. I wrote here and there. I have penned more poems than you will ever read. I have lost many due to inadequate storage, moves, and my mother cleaning my room and throwing out old notebooks. I kept journals, writen poems, and even become a member of internet writing groups.

I never kept in the habit of writing regularly.  I have become more aware of what I want in life and the mistakes I have made. I have started to discover who I truly am. I am now a more habitual writer who is  more aware of proper storage and back up of my work.

Instead of just letting my life get in my way, I should have been using it to my advantage.   I am finding my voice and my passion for the craft. I am taking my mistakes, memories, experiences, and imagination and turned them  into my muses.

I have also forced  myself to write daily. Yes, me, the professional procrastinator, is putting forth the effort to actually follow a regimen. I generally find myself inspired at odd times. When this happens while I am home, I jump on here and pound the keys. But, I am making myself use this daily prompt as a reason to post daily. Just because I may not “be in the mood” or “be inspired” doesn’t give me the excuse to not write or post.

What I have found is hope. Yes, Hope( today’s prompt). I just don’t use The Daily Post prompts. I read it first and see what it gives me and go from there.

I usually try to take the word that morning and use it in a perspective that may not be what the first impression is. Even my first impression is not always the direction I go, in order to challenge myself. But, today it screams at me to say thank you. It evokes gratitude and makes me glad in my renewed conviction to be what I am – a writer!

It so obvious that my hope is not just hope for the future or hope for life. I have always been a very optimistic person and full of hope. I look at the glass as half full and hope and pray for the best. But, today’s post is an homage to hope for a better writer,an homage to the daily prompt. I salute all of us who use this and continue to keep our brains active . I look forward to this every morning and I use this to go forward.

Some days the result may not be as good as others, but you never know if the prompt could become my next great work. One can only Hope!


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