I am not sure what I am going to title this. I am not even sure what I am writing. I am just grateful and ecstatic to be sharing. I have long missed this access to the world through my keyboard and fingertips. I have always found immense joy in being able to share my thoughts and creations with you, the listener, or reader. Whether it was poetry, short story, or just a simple journal entry I have found such pleasure in being able to share that part of myself that was able to create. 

I have always wanted to and will always be a writer. Unfortunately, I have been an extremely lazy procrastinator who can’t seem to finish what she starts. I have stated to myself and to others in many forums ( repeatedly) how this is going to change and this  will be the last time I don’t succeed.

There  have been many changes since my last posted updates. Things regarding the flood, my new life path and what this journey has been and will be about in the future. I look forward to sharing myself with you soon. I will not make a promise I am not able to keep, but I will say that there is a new love within my heart that is taking me on the best journey I will ever be on.


Until we meet again soon,


God is Good, All the time, and All the time, God is Good!!


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