I Hope



I hope you find what you are looking for

I hope you are happy in what you do

I want to know that you are okay

I want what is best for you.

I wish I knew , I wish I could see

I wish you to be happy

I wish you were here with me

I miss you and want you

And feel a bit selfish though,

Because I just want to love you so

But of course, you are gone and it’s over, it seems,

But I feel you in my heart and see you in my dreams

I wish you great happiness and success in what you do

But I also wish to be with you.

You are my soul mate, my demon, my muse

You awakened a beast within me

That I intend to use.

Thank you sweet boy, the man of my dreams

For the lesson you taught me

And for this unending grief .






How will I hide

What I feel inside?

What will I do

When I see you?

How do I let them know

What I don’t want to show?

I will just do my daily tasks

Putting  on my usual mask.


How do I keep away the pain

And keep from going insane?

What is the chance

That I can evade the dance?

Should I stand along this wall

To keep from feeling it all?

I’ll just hide this wine within my cask

And continue to wear this emotional mask.






Gliding barefoot through the garden beneath the resplendent orb of night,

Chasing dreams and phantoms, dancing wildly in her mind;

The comfortless maiden cries aloud and craves only to find

Her one true obsession, a secret only she can keep.

It troubles her endlessly and peculates her sleep.

Her dreams shatter daily as she cannot seem to trace

The path these demons took or their secret hiding place.

She hears their voices invariably noisy shouts and tears.

She begs and pleads to them to eradicate her fears.

No one wants to listen to what she has to say.

They lie to her continually day after day.

This statuesque garden has become her daily cell.

The beauty and loneliness is a pure living hell.

She cannot escape this prison she has built,

Nor can she keep her world from going full tilt.

All she craves his help, yet cannot find

An escape from her clouded mind.

Love Me



Love me because I am true.

Love me because you want to.

But, don’t love me because I love you.

Love me because of my eyes.

Love me because it’s what your heart cries.

But, don’t love me if it’s full of lies.

Love me because your soul is on fire.

Love me because it is what you desire.

But, don’t play games or be a liar


I want to be loved and for it to be true.

But, mostly I want honesty from you,

And the best in everything you do.