They say it is golden. Some would find it boring. I suppose if I were in the mood I would enjoy it immensely.

I try in the morning to embrace it along with my cup of coffee but,of course,  my youngest child (much like me) is a chatterbox. I have told her on several occasions that I would love to refrain from conversation or noise until the caffeine has kicked in. This is a lesson that she has yet to learn in her 14 years of life.

Silence is also something that could come in handy after a long day. In our modern world of constant stimuli and busy lifestyles a moment or two of absolute quiet should be treasured and enjoyed. Again, I find it rare to be able to accomplish this feat. When it is available to me I enjoy it.

Perhaps another way to appreciate silence is to think of it in terms of just listening. Be silent with our judgments, with our opinions, and with our criticisms. We should learn listen to others not just in conversation  but in general life as well.We should tame our mouths and minds to learn from all that we see. After all, if we are not speaking our minds, we could be absorbing information and learning something.






How will I hide

What I feel inside?

What will I do

When I see you?

How do I let them know

What I don’t want to show?

I will just do my daily tasks

Putting  on my usual mask.


How do I keep away the pain

And keep from going insane?

What is the chance

That I can evade the dance?

Should I stand along this wall

To keep from feeling it all?

I’ll just hide this wine within my cask

And continue to wear this emotional mask.